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The questions we are asked

Is there a minimum age to enter the plain?

Children are welcome from 6 months. A space for children under 3 years old allows them to explore different games in complete safety. Each child is under the supervision of the accompanying adult. 

Is it possible to bring food?

It is not allowed to bring food or snacks except for children under 1 year old. Our cafeteria area offers you an assortment of products for young and old. 

Is it necessary to book before coming?

We operate without reservations and without time limits. You can come whenever you want. 

Can we organize a birthday without a birthday package?

We do not authorize the organization of birthdays outside of birthday packages. 

Is there a time limit on site?

After paying for your entry, you can stay as long as you want on that day. 

Can school groups come?

We welcome school groups and institutions with great pleasure. Go to the “School” tab to book your visit. You can come outside opening days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday). Please contact us to find out more. 

Can we privatize the playground?

You can privatize the playground, please contact us by email to find out the organizational arrangements.

I plan to come back several times, do you have an advantageous offer? 

We offer subscriptions of 10 entries entitling you to a favorable price per entry. 

These subscriptions are not nominative, have no time limit, and no maximum number of places to be used at the same time is defined.

  • For children aged 1 to 3 years inclusive — 50 euros for 10 entries

  • For children over 3 years old — 85 euros for 10 entries

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