Kid's Factory

Indoor Playground for children 1 to 12 years

To spring, run, cry, climb, slide … fully safely : You can do it all year long at the Kid’s Factory. Indoor entertaining activities, totally secured, surrounded by a huge car park, our playgrounds are fully dedicated to 1 to 12 years old children.

Kid’s Factory organizes as well amazing birthday parties, unforgettable as much for the child celebrating his birthday than for all the other attendants.

Catering and enterprise events belong as well to the panel of activities provided by our indoor playgrounds.

Kid's Factory Fun House

Kid's Factory Waterloo

Looking for wealthy activities for your children instead of never ending television, computer games, Nintendo … ?

Mixing fun and physical activity, build up on that purpose and therefore fully safe, our indoor playground displays its 1300 m² for children entertainment … while parents can enjoy a kind of break.

Slides, labyrinth, inflatable, balls pool, funny pyramid and multiple other entertainment possibilities for children …

Food & beverage, magazines, professional work (free wifi) or just sharing a good time with friends for the parents …

Everybody find its happiness at Kid’s Factory.

Kid's factory open from 10h till 19h this monday november 2019 the 11-th

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Schedules & Rates


  • 10 €  per child entrance fee , no time restriction
  • 10 entries subscription : € 75
  • Free admission for parents and children below 12 months
  • Special prices for groups (> 15 children), schools …


  • Wednesday : 12 to 19H
  • Thursday : 12 to 19H
  • Friday : 12 to 19H
  • Saturday, Sunday, bank holidays and school holidays : 10 to 19H
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Birthday parties

To celebrate an amazing birthday party, Kid’s Factory is THE place to be : 

Invitation cards, dedicated and fancy table, delicious chocolate cake coming with its candles, drinks, sweets, a surprise for the child celebrating his birthday, enjoying the playground with no time restriction … will make that day unforgettable for the children.

The parents, from their side, will recover an intact and clean house once coming back !!!


  • € 150  for the first 8 children
  • Additional fee of € 15 for every additional child


  • Phone : 02/35 12345
  • Email : waterloo@kidsfactory.be

Company Event

Family day, end of year event, new product launch, Santa Claus celebration … different opportunities to reach closer relationship in your staff team through family-oriented activities.

Our mission is to help you succeeding in this goal by leading and implementing the project from end to end.

Based on multiple achievements, we are proposing you a customized project. From 30 to 600 attendants, from “simple” playground and staff hiring to “full option” event including professional magic tricks, children making up, clowns, walking dinner … , we will provide the solution that will fit your expectations and your budget.

Booking :

Phone : 02/35 12345
Email : waterloo@kidsfactory.be

Food & Beverage

Children are for sure enjoying in such an indoor playground. Meanwhile, we consider the parents deserve to spend a good time as well !!

Quiet, air conditioned in summer time, providing magazines and a free wifi access, our cafeteria is aiming to welcome the most friendly the parents during their children entertainment.

Food & beverage is proposed all day long (considering the opening hours).

Kid's Factory Waterloo Gallery11


Feel free to contact us for any information and/or reservation.

Kid's Factory Waterloo
63 Chaussée de Bruxelles
1410 Waterloo


Phone : 02/35 12345
Fax : 02/351 22 30
Email : waterloo@kidsfactory.be

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